Our Story

Bullshake exists to infuse and empower individuals with a desire for high performance, versatility, and durability with the competitive spirit of the bull. They are those who lock horns with the conflicts of life and fearlessly push back.

We created our activewear to allow these heroic figures to take on all challenges with confidence, whether it's a tough workout, exploring unknown territory, or demonstrating social power and class through conspicuous AthLeisure wear - at work.

created for those powerful souls


From the latest in fabric technology - step by step removing everything which does not represent the essence of the bull - we ensure each garment provides streamlined, powerful support and breathability.

For this new breed, our products are precision-engineered and created for those powerful souls who have the heart and strength to do the impossible for themselves - and each other.

Be the bull. Rewrite the rules.

This is what bulls live for.


Everyone deserves to experience flow in their lives. For those with bull power, that means being able to access your inner potency and strength. Trusting in ones' self, never giving up, never backing down, and pushing everything to the limit - that is when true bulls enter the zone and encounter a wild, untameable sense of purpose.

This is what bulls live for.

When there is power, purpose, and balance, achievement follows. We become better versions of ourselves - more confident, more capable, and more resilient.

Designed to Outlast


Our products are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with activewear clothing. From performance tees to shorts, joggers, and other apparel, we use the latest technologies and materials to create garments that are more functional and better performing than anything else on the market.

Entirely tested in-house, they're designed to outlast any other piece of clothing you own, and they're versatile enough to handle any activity or environment.

Whether you're running a marathon or just running errands, our clothes will keep you comfortable, stylish, and in the zone.


BLSK-34A 0521

Bullshake is a clothing brand that designs and crafts all of its own products. There's no copying or imitation here. To authenticate that originality, we place a BLSK-34A 0521 badge on each garment. The letters and numbers on the badge not only represent the time and place the company was founded but our overall brand identity as well.

Bullshake is all about innovation through design and inspiring people to embody the attributes exemplified by the bull. Indeed, our badge symbolises those very same characteristics with which we craft our products.

Perfect harmony of performance & design


Our mission is to design products that can be used in a wide range of environments and temperature conditions by incorporating innovative fabric technologies.

This allows people to feel comfortable and look good no matter where they are or what . they're doing. We want to empower people to live their lives to the fullest and enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about what they're wearing.

We strive for integrated products that find the perfect harmony of performance and design, maximising form and function in every garment.

Our designs help people push their limits. And the future of our cutting-edge activewear?

Well, let's just say it's bullish.